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Welcome to Assessment.com, the home of the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment, a versatile tool for individuals, students, career coaches, and HR professionals.

Our Mission Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with deep insights into personal strengths, motivations, and potential career paths. We aim to illuminate the journey not just to any career or academic pursuit but to ones that fulfill and resonate with one's true self. Ones in which they will thrive.

Our Journey Since our inception, we've been a leader in personalized career, college, and HR guidance. Over 9 million people globally have leveraged the MAPP Assessment for career, academic, and organizational success.

Our Approach The MAPP Assessment offers detailed, individual-focused analysis, invaluable for career and academic decisions, and for HR processes like recruiting, selection, and promotions. It helps HR professionals understand candidate potentials, ensuring a good fit for both the individual and the organization.

Our Community Trusted by over 3,500 career coaches, educational counselors, and HR professionals, our tools guide clients, students, and employees towards fulfilling careers, reduced turnover and academic paths.

Our Commitment We are dedicated to reliability and relevance in our assessments, continually updating them to align with the dynamic landscapes of careers, education, and human resources. Our MAPP assessment has undergone extensive validation & reliability studies.

Join Our Journey Whether charting an academic course, starting a career, guiding others, or enhancing HR processes, Assessment.com is your partner in uncovering potential and finding the right path. Discover with us the journey to a fulfilling career, educational experience, and effective organizational management.

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