Maximizing Human Resources Success through MAPP™ Assessment: A Comprehensive Guide

For over 25 years the MAPP Assessment from has been used by companies for recruiting, team building, placement and reorganizations.
Below are some of the companies who have used the MAPP assessment:

Softbank Human Capital Corporation, Best Buy Co., Inc., Abbertons Human Resources, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kelly Services, US Bank, U.S. Treasury, Kaplan Test Prep, Manpower, US Coast Guard, UBS Wealth Management USA, Maytag, 3M, Aegean – Global, GMAC-Residential Funding Corporation, Bertoni- Lucino,United States Chamber of Commerce, Kimball International, Time Warner, General Motors, Northwest Airlines, Societe Generale, Cargill, Qwest, Mellon Financial Corp, The Consortium for Worker Education, Little River Casino Resort, Molex Inc., Right Management Consultants, Guardian Life Insurance Company, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Goodwill Industries, Alliance International, AccuHire Corporation, Abbott, Standard Bank, Lennox, John Deere, Salvation Army, US Air Force Recruiting Service, Swarovski North America, Ltd., Digital River, Tata Refractories Ltd, Liberty Power, PayScale, Inc.

In today's competitive business landscape, understanding the unique skills, motivations, and learning styles of your team is crucial. The Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP™) assessment provides an evidence-based framework to achieve precisely that. This guide aims to delve deeper into how HR professionals, managers, and team leaders can effectively harness the insights provided by MAPP™ to address a variety of business needs.

The MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment is an invaluable tool for recruiters and employers aiming to streamline the hiring process and ensure an optimal fit between job roles and candidates. By administering the MAPP Assessment during the initial phases of recruitment, hiring managers can gain deep insights into a candidate's innate motivations, preferences, and potential for various job roles. The results allow for the identification of candidates whose intrinsic motivations align with the requirements and culture of the company. Furthermore, when used in tandem with traditional screening methods, the MAPP Assessment can significantly increase the likelihood of successful placements by matching job roles to candidates who are not just qualified, but also intrinsically motivated to excel in those specific roles. This not only leads to higher job satisfaction and retention rates but also fosters a more productive and harmonious workplace.

For a detailed overview visit: Leveraging MAPP Assessments to Create Targeted Role Profiles.

Additional Common Uses of MAPP:

Create targeted Role profiles for hiring based on proven top performers

One innovative application of this tool is creating targeted profiles for specific roles by assessing top-performing current employees and subsequently screening new applicants or internal team members against these (unique) profiles. This can be done automatically within your admin dashboard. In essence with MAPP you can create your own assessments based on a top performer or 5 top performers in any role.

Tailored Conversations and Workshops

Interpreting the MAPP™ results can be challenging due to its comprehensive content. Therefore, face-to-face or virtual conversations and workshops can be scheduled to suit your organizational needs. These sessions aim to distill the key components of MAPP™ data, making it easier to apply them in various operational areas

Managing Employee Goals and Objectives

Setting actionable and achievable goals is a vital part of employee management. MAPP™ data can guide managers in understanding the intrinsic motivations and aptitudes of their team members. This knowledge is invaluable in crafting personalized objectives that resonate with each employee, increasing the likelihood of successful goal attainment.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organization. By analyzing MAPP™ data, managers can identify potential communication roadblocks and address them proactively. Understanding employees' preferred communication styles can significantly improve both interpersonal dynamics and operational efficiency.

Fostering Employee and Team Development

Employee growth and team cohesion are often directly related to a company’s success. MAPP™ data can provide a roadmap for targeted skill development and team-building activities. Managers can use this information to create specialized development programs that cater to the unique strengths and weaknesses of their team.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

Training programs for HR professionals, managers, and team leaders can be designed based on MAPP™ results. These specialized programs arm them with the skills required to interpret MAPP™ data, enabling more effective employee management and development strategies.

Streamlining Hiring and Job Matching

The hiring process can be significantly enhanced by utilizing MAPP™ data. By matching candidates' intrinsic motivations and natural abilities with job requirements, businesses can improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Succession Planning and Knowledge Management

MAPP™ is an invaluable tool for planning the future of your business. It can assist in identifying employees with the potential for leadership roles, aiding in effective succession planning. Moreover, it can pinpoint specific areas of knowledge that need to be managed or transferred, ensuring long-term business continuity.

In-depth Debriefing and Reference Materials

A thorough debriefing session can illuminate the subtleties and patterns in the MAPP™ results. These can be leveraged for personal, professional, and career development strategies. In addition, various support materials are often provided to help implement these strategies effectively.

Additional Applications

MAPP™ data is incredibly versatile and can be applied to numerous other areas such as:

  • Outplacement assistance
  • Transition Management (Career Change, Retirement, and more)

By incorporating the MAPP™ assessment into these various facets of your business, you can enhance productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and ultimately, drive your organization toward long-term success.

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