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The best career test for high school students and college students, the MAPP career test is the first and most comprehensive online career assessment test.

Students in junior high, high school and college can take the career test to help them gain important new insights into what types of careers would motivate them and the top ten vocational areas they’re best suited for.

But the MAPP career test takes career testing to a whole new level. With their unique results, students can find which real, live careers are the best fit for them. The MAPP is the only online career test that sorts to over 1000 careers in the government career database according to the student’s unique test results.

There’s nothing wrong with learning for learning’s sake. But if time and money are tight, the MAPP career test can help high school and college students focus their studies on the subjects and courses that will best prepare them for their future career.

The First Step Towards a Great Career

Most career tests simply give you insights into your personality. The MAPP test also offers students new insights into what they’re naturally drawn toward and how they can develop this into a satisfying career.

The real power of the MAPP career test is the fact that it gives students a vision for what their future career could be. Doctor, lawyer or software developer? These are just three of the over 1000 jobs that are sorted in order of the student’s unique test results after they take the online career test.

The MAPP assessment has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including correlating the results to the Strong Interest Inventory®. Validity and reliability studies also indicate that the MAPP test is consistent over time.

MAPP for School & Career Counselors offers a special discounted Educational Package for schools that want to offer their students the MAPP career test. Schools that offer the MAPP career package have found that career testing helps motivate students to excel at their studies when they’re focused on a future career track.

Every school that partners with is assigned its own database, where the school’s MAPP administrator can access all of the students' career test results at any time.

School and career counselors have also learned that the MAPP career test is an extremely valuable tool because it helps them give solid advice to their clients and students around the right curriculum, jobs and careers.

For more detailed information on MAPP for schools and counselors, contact Ward Johnson at

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