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Take the MAPP Test

Career testing is perfect if you hate your current job are looking for your next real career opportunity!

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Take the MAPP Test

Career testing is perfect if you're unemployed or underemployed and are looking for your next job opportunity.

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Take the MAPP Test has great tools for professionals who want to advise students and clients on their careers.

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Take the MAPP Test

MAPP is the first and most comprehensive assessment for students to find the right curriculum for them.

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Online Career Test

The first and best online career test, the MAPP career assessment is perfect for students, graduates and working adults.

This powerful career aptitude test will take just 15 minutes to complete. You’ll get a wealth of information to help you find the right job that matches your unique career assessment.

Find the Right Job: 900 Jobs Sorted for You.

Other career aptitude tests might tell you all about your personality. But the MAPP career test takes it a giant step further. We’ll actually help you find the right job for you: your true calling!

Isn’t finding the right job and a career you’ll love the whole point of a career test? Only the MAPP career assessment will take your unique career aptitude test results and match them to real careers and real jobs that are right for you.

Take the MAPP career test today and find your true calling!

Environmental Careers: Part II

This week, as we celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week, we offer four more ideas for environmental careers. Regardless of your career personality, there's a career for you where you can help save the environment.

Some of these careers are perfect for science majors, but even if you're the artistic type, there's an environmental career for you! But before you start applying for a job as a solar panel engineer, take our proven career test to learn what careers are right for you... Read more