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Complete MAPP Narrative  
Career Sorting/Matches        
Your top 20 general career areas
Click & match yourself to 5 careers*
Click & match yourself to 50 careers*  
Unlimited matching to over 1000 careers*    
All 1000+ careers sorted for you*      
Your report bound and mailed to you.  
*For each career you select, you can click through to detailed job descriptions, future job outlook and real job openings in your area. Click to Buy Now!
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Click to Buy Now!

Lots of career and personality tests tell you all about your personality, but the MAPP uniquely helps you find your true calling. We start by giving you a narrative that offers insights into what makes you tick. But we go much further. We then take your test results and match it to real careers, real jobs that are right for you.

Just starting out and want a general idea what you could be? Select the Starter package. You get to see the full narrative and click on 50 possible careers. You'll learn a lot about what you could be for just $89.95.

Want to know which of all 1000+ possible careers are the best fit for you? Select the Career Seeker package. You get unlimited clicks on all 1000+ careers. We're sure you'll click on the career that's right for you.

Or, if you want our most complete package, select our Executive package. (It also makes a great gift for your favorite graduate.) You get all 1000+ careers sorted in order of your unique test results. We think this is the easiest way to find your true calling.