MAPP Assessment FAQ
Who are we? What is MAPP?
Who is
What does MAPP stand for?
What does MAPP do?
Have you done any studies to prove MAPP is valid?
What is Validity?
What is Reliability?
Taking the MAPP
How long will it take to complete the MAPP Assessment?
Will my work be saved if I get interrupted when taking the assessment?
Are there other language options besides English?
How many questions are there?
What is the recommended age to take the MAPP assessment?
What if I don’t understand a word in one of the questions?
I want to choose two “mosts”. What should I do?
Can I retake the MAPP?
Can I go back and change my answers?
I started taking the MAPP Assessment, but did not get a chance to finish it. How can I go back to the last question answered?
My husband and I share an email address. Can we both take the MAPP using our email?
Getting your MAPP results
Where are my results?
I thought this was a free test. Why are you asking for money?
Why can’t I log on?
How can I get my Free MAPP Sample report?
Help - I cannot remember my password
Ordering your MAPP
Is it safe to enter my credit card number online?
I took the MAPP Assessment and now I want to order a more detailed version of my results. Where can I find out what I will receive if I upgrade?
The Free MAPP Sample Report was great but more information would be nice. Do I have to answer the 71 questions again to get a larger version of the MAPP?
I don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use it online. Can I mail a check or money order?
How do I get a refund?
How can I upgrade to another package?
Can I pay for my employees to take the MAPP?
Using Your MAPP
Can MAPP be used with my resume?
How can I use MAPP to help me find a job I like?
Do you help individuals find jobs?
I have a special situation and I want to go into/get out of a certain career field. Can you help me?
I would like to put your link on my site. Who do I talk to?
I would like to use this in my Classroom. Who do I talk to?
I would like to use this in my Company. Who do I talk to?
What are the benefits of MAPP from the employer’s point of view?
Reading and understanding your MAPP
I love music! How come I have a low motivational rating under music?
I looked at my results but I am not sure what the numbers on the right hand side mean?
I had all 2’s, 3’s and 4’s in my MAPP, is this good or bad?
Will my results change over time?
Does the top 10 list mean I should look for a job in those fields?
I have trade management on my top 10 list. What does this mean?
My results say I should be a taxi driver, what's up with this?
Who is using MAPP?
Who uses MAPP?
Do you have any references that I could look at before purchasing my full report?
What is MAPP Match?
What is MAPP Matching?
What does "weakness" mean in the MAPP Matching?
Privacy & Security
How do I enable cookies on my browser?
What is's Privacy policy?
Is it safe to enter my credit card number online?